Re: I sat in a 747 cockpit through the landing!

From: (Peter Zadrozny - CS Manager, Sun de Mexico)
Organization: Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Date:         17 Dec 93 01:53:02 PST
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I anyone of you has an opportunity to travel here in Mexico
with any of the local airlines, ask the pilot when boarding
to travel in the cockpit. I travel quite extensively and only
twice have been denied such pleasure. Most of the times the
stewardess calls me when we are leveled and I remain in the
cockpit until we park on the gate. Sometimes they will let
me get in while we are taxiing to the runway.

Pretty cool! I have been able to get in DC-9s MD-8?s and 767
from Aeromexico, and 727s and Fokker 100s from Mexicana.