Re: I sat in a 747 cockpit through the landing!

From: (James P Herries)
Organization: The Ohio State University
Date:         17 Dec 93 01:52:59 PST
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I had occasion to sit in the right-hand seat of an MD-11 simulator about a 
year or so ago and was amazed at the stopping distance we achieved with hard 
braking and reverse thrust.  With full motion on, I was thankful for being 
belted in as we touched down at LAX 7R and commenced the quickest stop I'd ever
like to achieve in a plane that size.  The only thing missing from the 
simulation was the sounds of food trays flying and 3-400 screaming passengers 
(or was this a cargo version?)  I left that simulator with a hell of a lot more
respect for what those pilots can do...

Jim Herries
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