Re: A340/Lufthansa ad

From: (John Paul Wangermann)
Organization: Princeton University
Date:         17 Dec 93 01:52:53 PST
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Clemens Emmanuel Tillier <> wrote:
>I came accross a Lufthansa ad which featured a nice shot of one of
>their new A340's. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the tail
>number was F-WWxx, (I couldn't make out the x's- maybe WWBE) next to a
>small German flag. 
>Why a French new aircraft number on a German bird?
>Clem Tillier
Because all aircraft built in France (including the A340) have to be
registered in France up to the point of handover to the customer (I
think).  So ALL aircraft produced by Airbus originally this type of
registration.  The registration I guess stays one for pre-delivery test
flights and possibly the delivery flight too.

Also, at least one of the aircraft involved in A340 certification
testing flew in Lufthansa colours, which may be when the photo in
question was taken.

John Wangermann