FAA To Require Modification Of 747s With JT9D Engines

From:         Stephen L Nicoud <stephen.nicoud@boeing.com>
Date:         16 Dec 93 01:50:43 PST
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In the 12/10/1993 Aviation Daily:

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   FAA To Require Modification Of 747s With JT9D Engines

   FAA plans to require modification of the thrust reverser control
   system on Boeing 747s powered by Pratt & Whitney JT9D engines.  The
   modification involves installing a solenoid-operated shutoff valve to
   prevent deployment of the engine fan thrust reverser during flight,
   which can reduce the controllability of the aircraft, FAA said.  The
   agency said there have been "numerous incidents of inadvertent
   in-flight deployment" of the engine fan thrust reverser on aircraft
   with the JT9D engines.  FAA estimated that it will cost $16,000 to
   modify the engines. The cost for the 126 U.S.-registry aircraft that
   are affected - out of 223 worldwide - will be just over $2 million,
   the agency said.  FAA allowed that the modification will "require a
   large number of work hours to accomplish," but it said the proposed
   24-month compliance period should make it possible to do the work
   during scheduled major inspection and maintenance.

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