USAir/Allegheny late '70s(?) ATC incident?

From: (Jay Vassos-Libove)
Date:         16 Dec 93 01:50:23 PST
Organization: Digital Equipment Corporation, Atlanta Customer Support Center
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A co-worker of mine was on an American Airlines flight shortly
after Allegheny became part of USAir, and was listening in on
the Air Traffic Control frequency care of American's onboard
entertainment system, when an interesting incident occurred.

Evidently, an Air Traffic Controller, upon receiving the USAir
pilot's request for initial approach instructions, responded
with "Allegheny flight so-and-so...." instead of "USAir flight
so-and-so....".  The USAir pilot radioed back "Tower, this is
USAir flight so-and-so, please repeat your last instruction."
ATC repeated "Allegheny flight so-and-so....". The pilot tried
one more time, and the tower replied with something like
"Allegheny flight so-and-so, do you have a problem?"

The USAir pilot replied that the airline "Allegheny" no longer
existed, and to please use the correct name "USAir".  The
ATC response then was to order the USAir flight to swing
around and attach itself to the end of a line of planes,
all heavies except for itself (a 727), effectively "punishing"
the pilot (and everybody else on board) with a very rough
ride, for simply insisting on the ATC using the correct
call sign for the aircraft.

My co-worker feels that part of the ATC's motivation was that
the pilot of the USAir 727 was female (one of the early
US commercial airline female pilots?).

The American pilot did not cut off the audio at that point,
and my co-worker also recalls some radio traffic which made
it quite clear that the pilots in the heavies that had been
following the USAir 727 did not approve of the ATC's actions.

Does anyone have any official reports on this incident? I'd
love to see that the ATC got his *ss kicked for his actions.


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