Re: Runway Thickness

From:         Scott Decker <>
Organization: University of Nevada, Reno
Date:         01 Dec 93 12:44:31 PST
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This is the first time I have posted to this news group and I hope to send
more info when I can. In a reascent (about 2 weeks or so), I read that
some one was looking for info on the thickness of runways. I called the
local Airport Authority Engineering Dept. and asked the Sr. Engineer about
the runway thickness at the Reno Cannon Airport. I must admit that the
info is not enough to build a runway but then.... You get what you pay for :-)
He said that the engineering department does a study on the amount of
traffic and the type (size, type, number of landings, etc.) of aircraft
that will be using the runway. The report is sent to the FAA for review
and they determine the specs that must be used for the field. The runways
at Reno are 17" thick and are concrete. This seems to be a typical number
and can go to 20". Reno has had Air Force 1 land here and the Concord on a
promo trip for a local radio station. I'm not sure if I have answered the
question posed, but I hope it helps.

The info above is to my best memory, (not that great) and from a phone call
with the Sr.Engineer at the Airport. My Thanks go to him on this one.

Scott Decker