Who has computerised production lists?

From:         ditka!sgiblab!uunet.UU.NET!ucsd!frosty.rational.com!pete (Pete Coe)
Date:         01 Dec 93 12:15:06 PST
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If you have been reading this news group you will know I have been on a grisly
search for a 20 year old crash.  The only reference material I have is 'The 
Airliner Production List' from the Aviation Hobby Shop.  It takes a long time
and I know there are errors (just ask my father about Herald's). 

So any way I'm looking through the books, and I come across an ad for
Lundkvist Aviation Research, which says 'has an extensive database with
information about all commercial aircraft transactions since 1945'.  There
is no price mentioned, so I think it is a case of if I need to ask I cannot
afford it.  But anyway, anyone got this or another computerized database,
and any comments.


-- Pete Coe
-- Rational
-- Object-Oriented Products