United 767s

From:         Tobias Henry Lutterodt <luterodt@phoenix.Princeton.EDU>
Date:         20 Jan 93 02:39:30 PST
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With reference to the United 767-222s, I am not sure where I read
that they were to be traded in, but I remember it distictly.
Picture this...Boeing is trying to launch its new baby against 
fierce competition from Airbus (It was very close, I've heard).
To clinch the deal Boeing decides to take back and remarket 19
identical, well-maintained aircraft.
Now, United is getting 757s which are almost the size of these 767s
but more efficient for domestic routes as well as 767-322s which
are more efficient for international routes.  The 767-222s (even the
ones modified for ER) are now ugly ducklings.

It makes sense...I can't guarantee it's going to happen.

Any comments about the UPS deal?

I would have thought that the 767 would not have been able to fit 
UPS igloos 2-abreast.  Will they have to go to a new container for
this aircraft (not compatible with that of the 757)?  Any news 
about the engine choice?

-Toby (The Commerical Aviation Nut)