Pressurization system references

From:         Robert Dorsett <>
Date:         01 Dec 93 12:15:02 PST
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A few weeks ago, I posted a message requesting information on aircraft
pressurization systems.  My main interest was in calculating a pressure
differential derivative, given cabin and ambient pressure differences, 
airflow characteristics, etc.

I received two responses: one pointed me to people who work on such 
systems, who in turn pointed me to a paper discussing such systems in 
detail, which in turn referred to an ancient paper detailing the specific
airflow characteristics I was after.

For the general coverage, see:

Society of Automotive Engineers, Aerospace Recommended Practice
1270, "Aircraft Cabin Pressurization Control Criteria," dated 
January 15, 1976.

For the airflow issue, see:

Chester W. Smith, "Calculation of Flow of Air and Diatomic Gases," in
_Journal of Aeronautical Sciences_, June 1946.

Let's just say the issue is rather involved, and that this problem defies
attempts at simplification.


Robert Dorsett!!rdd