Re: Thickness of Runways

Organization: Idaho State University, Pocatello
Date:         01 Dec 93 03:16:44 PST
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  or MIME structure (Michael Yip) writes
>the major factor really depends on the "distribution of weight"
>over the wheels of the aircraft.

Runway weight bearing capacities vary with landing gear configuration:
single or multiple wheels, multiple trucks, etc.  Publications
like the US Airport/Facilities Directory list these capabilities.
Here is some (possibly obsolete) data on Seattle-Tacoma Int'l runway 16L:

     configuration                  max allowable weight (1000s of lbs)
     single wheel type (eg, DC-3)    100
     double wheel type (eg, DC-6)    200
     dual-tandem type (eg, B-707)    350
     double dual-tandem (eg, B-747)  825

Oddly enough, the Canada Flight Supplement does not list runway 
weight bearing capabilities; this may be due to a Transport Canada
national standard (ie, data published elsewhere).

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