Re: What does the 737-X do for Southwest?

From: (Walter Shepherd)
Organization: The Aerospace Corp
Date:         01 Dec 93 03:16:42 PST
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Watson_John/ wrote:
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> Can anyone shed any light on how the "X" upgrade would beneift 
> Southwest?  Is the new wing so efficient, that short hauls are made 
> more efficient?  Was the price that Boeing offered so competitive to 
> get the new version off the ground that it was too good to pass up?

  Perhaps Boeing has adapted an old idea to Southwest... recall all the
hoopla (in better economic times) about future airliners with entertainment
centers in each seatback (I think Virgin atlantic still offers this goody).
 Well perhaps the added weight is an indication that peanut vending
machines might be located in each seatback on Southwest 737-X's.  This
might permit further cabin crew reductions for a net weight and cost

  Think of the possibilities... the vending machines could be converted to
gaming machines on flights to Vegas... when passengers hit a jackpot, the
machine throws bags of peanuts at them (just like a real cabin attendant)
instead of dropping coins in a tray.

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