737-X Model Numbers Revealed

From:         Stephen L Nicoud <stephen.nicoud@boeing.com>
Date:         29 Nov 93 22:21:44 PST
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The Seattle Times reports today (November 29, 1993) that the newest
versions of the Boeing 737 (dubbed the 737-X) will be produced under the
model numbers 737-700, 737-800, & 737-900.  The report goes on to say
that these models will be about the same size as the 128-seat 737-300,
150-seat 737-400, and 107-seat 737-500, respectively.

The report also states that the 737-600 designation was skipped because
Boeing wanted to leave a slot open in case it later decides to build a
model smaller than the 107-seat 737-500.

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