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From:         lls2n@fulton.seas.Virginia.EDU (Leon Shieh)
Organization: University of Virginia
Date:         18 Jan 93 20:07:07 PST
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>From the Nov. 10, 1992 Aviation Daily, Boeing refused to defer delivery
to United of 6 of the 11 777s scheduled for 1995 delivery since United
is the launch customer.  United then decided to use the 777s on
international routes instead of as a replacement for its DC-10s, allowing
them to defer 747-400 deliveries until 1996 and beyond.

The 777s now will have around 300 seats in 3 classes instead of 363 seats
in a 2-class configuration originally specified, and they will be the "A+"
version instead of the "A" version.  The A+ version has a MGTOW of 535,000
pounds vs. 506,000 for the A version, and range of 5600 miles vs. 4660
miles.  Karl indicated to me that United originally specified A version
had a higher MGTOW of 515,000 pounds.

Karl and I both noticed that the 92/93 JP lists only 6 777s as scheduled
for delivery to United in 1995, does anyone know if they accelerated them
somewhere along the way or is one of these publications is wrong?