Re: Thickness of Runways

From: (Michael Yip)
Date:         29 Nov 93 22:21:30 PST
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In article <airliners.1993.758@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Philip Papadopoulos) writes:
|> How thick is the average concrete runway that is capable of handling
|> "heavies" (e.g. 747,767, MD-11, L1011, AB300, etc.)?   
|> Thanks,
|> Phil


I remember that thickness of the runway is one thing but the
major factor really depends on the "distribution of weight"
over the wheels of the aircraft.

I forgot where I read it but the distribution of weight on a
MD-80/DC-9 type of aircraft is not as even as, or not as "light"
as a 747.  The 747 has more wheels to spread over its weight 
while the MD-80/DC-9 has fewer to do the same.

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