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Date:         28 Nov 93 16:39:07 PST
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>Clearly, Boeing's been less concerned with standardization.  But the 757
>and 767 have common cockpits for similar reasons.

I suspect it's less a matter of Boeing's concern with standardization
than a focus on what the customers want -- which in many businesses
often bears little resemblance to what they need.  Airbus seems to be
more concerned with what Airbus thinks the customers need, whether
they want it or not.  It's not clear either is ideal.

>What gives me heartburn is seeing the 777 grouped with the 757/767.  :-)
>... The 777 is a new airplane, with a 747-400-ish cockpit, ...

The 777 started off being just a 767 derivative, including the cockpit,
so there is some historical justification for lumping them together.
But the airlines preferred the 747-400 as a cockpit model -- logical,
perhaps, given the routes they'd be flying, though it's not clear the
commonality would still be recognizable -- and the airframe outgrew
any pretense of being a 767 derivative.

On the other hand, the 737-X is slated to have a cockpit that's very
similar to the current 737, in the interest of minimizing crew
training costs.  With Southwest as the launch customer, it might even
be available with old-style gauges!

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