Re: why paint on airliners?

From: (Ted Rodriguez-Bell)
Organization: UC Berkeley Space Sciences Lab
Date:         18 Jan 93 20:07:06 PST
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In article <airliners.1993.64@ohare.Chicago.COM> pab@po.CWRU.Edu (Pete Babic) writes:
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>Why would a manufacturer insist on paint? Is it because of corrosion? If so,
>does the quality of the metal differ from aircraft that may be left bare?

In Airbus's case, it's so their planes will look better.  In a story
that appeared when American placed the A300 order, _Aviation_Week_
explained that aluminum fuselage panels tend to come in slightly
different colors.  If you want your new plane to wear as little paint
as possible, you tell Douglas or Boeing and they make sure all the 
fuselage panels for your plane match.  Airbus didn't want to do this,
so American agreed to take the planes painted.  Curiously, the color
used was ``Boeing Gray''.

Ted Rodriguez-Bell