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Date:         23 Nov 93 00:02:42 PST
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>> Airbus A300/A310 (nearing 700)

>I have a lot of trouble who lump these two aircraft together as one!

You'd better take it up with Airbus Industrie, because they lump them
together in one series.  Same thing with the A330 and A340.

>If you look at the A300B4 and its "derivative" the A310, there really
>is not that much in common.  New wing, new engine choices, new glass
>cockpit, new rear fuselage, new tailplane, many new systems, etc.

Pretty much the same will be true of the new 737X as compared to the
original 737-100, too, yet I fully expect Boeing to consider them the
same type.  Where do you draw the line?  The manufacturer seems to be
the best authority available, and Airbus lumps the A300 and A310

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