TCAS distracted 727 crew

From:         Stephen L Nicoud <>
Date:         22 Nov 93 15:41:15 PST
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November 19, 1993

WASHINGTON POST - The captain of a Continental Airlines 
727 that almost crash-landed with its wheels retracted in 
Chicago on Tuesday said heavy traffic and constant collision 
warnings distracted the crew from its normal duties, the 
National Transportation Safety Board reported yesterday.  
Continental flight 1543 from Houston was within 50 feet of 
the runway when the three crew members realized that the 
landing gear was not down, officials said.  The tail bumped 
the runway and was damaged as the plane rose successfully.  
The captain's testimony to a safety board investigator is 
certain to fuel an ongoing dispute over the Tactical 
Collision Avoidance System, designed to warn one plane that 
another is approaching on a possible collision course.

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