Re: Southwest orders 737-X

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Date:         20 Nov 93 00:41:16 PST
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>Doesn't the 757 share the same cross section of 737. I would guess the
>pressurization can be used on 737-X with small amout of modification.

It's the same cross-section, and I had once thought the 727/737/757
were all essentially different length pieces from the Great Boeing
Fuselage Machine.  Some folks at Boeing who know a hell of a lot
more about it than I do educated me on this point.

The 727 and 737 are actually fairly close, but the 737 has a thicker
skin on account of the greater number of cycles in its design life.
The 757, on the other hand, is more fundamentally different -- much
of the early talk of it being largely a derivative didn't really carry
through to the final product.

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