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From:         Stephen L Nicoud <stephen.nicoud@boeing.com>
Date:         20 Nov 93 00:41:12 PST
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UPS 727-100 aircraft reengined with Tay 651 engines have shown an 18%
reduction in fuel burn.  The initial prediction was for a 12% 
reduction.  The noise level is reduced to below Stage 3 and emissions
are down to well within existing rules.
                                   (Aviation Daily, November 17, 1993)

NASA is beginning a 9 month study on controlling and landing an
aircraft on engine power alone.  Once the program is defined, tests
will be conducted on an MD-11 probably beginning in 1995.
                          (Flight International, November 10-16, 1993)

Rolls Royce is evaluating a new test facility designed to accommodate
engines capable of up to 140,000 lb sea level static thrust.  The
facility can also accommodate up to 45,000 lb of reverse thrust.  Full
operations testing is scheduled to begin on a Trent 700 starting next
month.                              (Aviation Week, November 15, 1993)

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