Re: Southwest orders 737-X

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Date:         19 Nov 93 16:28:45 PST
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>The 737-X ... will be able to fly at an altitude of 41,000 feet,
>compared with 37,000 feet for the current 737 ...

That's a surprise.  Doesn't this require significant changes to the
fuselage for the additional pressure differential?  Or has the 737
demonstrated that it has additional margin already?  (That would still
require some updates to the pressurization system but that's a lot
cheaper than fuselage mods.)

>... and 39,000 feet for the A320.

Ob. wise-crack:  This is all great, but the A320 can fly *lower* than
the 737-X -- right down to treetop level, as demonstrated at Habsheim!

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