Re: Southwest places first 737-X order

From:         Mark Miller <>
Date:         19 Nov 93 16:28:39 PST
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> (None of the sources I've seen actually say that Boeing has formally
> launched the 737-X.  Normally, initial orders are conditional upon the
> board of directors giving approval to the program.  Would anyone at
> Boeing care to comment on this?  Did Boeing's board pre-approve the
> 737-X based on a certain level of orders, or are the reports ignoring
> this detail, which in this case is probably just a rubber stamp?)

I'm not a Boeing spokesman, but the headline for the Boeing News, 
November 19 is: "Southwest order launches 737-X."  The article goes
on to state

"The Boeing Company board of directors has authorized the go-ahead 
for the next-generation 737 program based on the Southwest order, 
which is subject to the signing of a definitive agreement."

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