Southwest places first 737-X order

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Date:         18 Nov 93 02:18:52 PST
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The first order for Boeing's 737-X was announced today.  As had been
rumored for some time, Southwest Airlines became the initial customer
for the 737-X with an approximately $2.5 billion order for 63 of the
medium-sized (same fuselage length as current 737-300) 737-X.  The
order included conversion of 32 existing 737-300 options; another 50
firm 737-300 orders for delivery through 1997 remain unchanged.  The
first four airplanes of the 737-X order will be delivered in late
1997, with 16 per year until 2000, when the rate will taper slightly
to 15.  The final 12 will be delivered in 2001.

(None of the sources I've seen actually say that Boeing has formally
launched the 737-X.  Normally, initial orders are conditional upon the
board of directors giving approval to the program.  Would anyone at
Boeing care to comment on this?  Did Boeing's board pre-approve the
737-X based on a certain level of orders, or are the reports ignoring
this detail, which in this case is probably just a rubber stamp?)

The other 737-X variants -- a smaller one, identical in size to the
737-500, and a larger one, about two rows longer than the 737-400 --
will be introduced whenever orders are placed for those models.

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