727 engine config (was Re: Searching for info on a 20 year old crash)

From:         jdd@db.toronto.edu (John DiMarco)
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Date:         17 Nov 93 15:34:39 PST
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ditka!sgiblab!uunet.UU.NET!ucsd!thor.rational.com!pete (Pete Coe) writes:

>Is there anyone out there with a long enough memory to remember a crash in the
>early seventies.  My memory tells me that it was a Courtline 727 from Gatwick
>to Palma and the crash was really a very heavy landing.

>And just for the record I am not blaiming ETOPS for this one!

The 727 has three engines, not two, so you couldn't blame ETOPS even if you
wanted to. :-)

Which raises a question:

The 727 is Boeing's only trijet, and is the only trijet I know of with
all three engines at the tail. Anybody know why Boeing gave up on trijets
after the 727, and why nobody else has built a trijet with three engines
at the back? Finally, (shades of the ETOPS discussion) does anyone know of 
any incident involving a 727 which did not result in a crash, but would have 
if the 727 was a twin? 


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