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Date:         15 Nov 93 12:23:38 PST
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>What with all the interest in large twin-engined airliners, I was wondering if
>McDonnell-Douglas ever considered building a 777-like variation on the MD11 by
>removing the engine in the tail, lengthening the aft fuselage for balance, and
>installing some of the new 90,000 lbst engines on the wings?

MacDAC has lofted a number of paper airplanes in recent years, and one
was indeed a large twin.  The one that I recall, however, was smaller
than what you suggest -- aimed at the market just beyond the MD-80 and
MD-90, it had about 200 seats, and seemed to be a lot like the 767-200.
I'm pretty sure it was a new design.

The MD-12 went through a number of iterations.  It started off as just
more of the MD-11 -- a further stretch and a new wing.  The most recent
MD-12 proposal was a four-engined, long-range jet that could grow to
600+ seat capacity, but somewhere in the middle there may have been a
twin-engined MD-11 derivative as well.

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