Searching for info on a 20 year old crash

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Date:         15 Nov 93 12:23:35 PST
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Is there anyone out there with a long enough memory to remember a crash in the
early seventies.  My memory tells me that it was a Courtline 727 from Gatwick
to Palma and the crash was really a very heavy landing.   My limited research
has already eliminated the 727, BAC 1-11 and DC-9 so I am at a bit of a loss
as to the real details.  I would have said the crash was no later than 1972.

The reason I ask is that someone in my (infant) school class was killed in
the crash, and I thought it was time to refresh my memory.

And just for the record I am not blaiming ETOPS for this one!

-- Pete Coe
-- Rational
-- Object-Oriented Products