Re: trivia Q -- # of units of top-selling aircraft

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>5. the 737 tail is shaped like a 747's (or an
>A300's) with the roof of the fuselage remaining

Tail?  You mean aft fuselage.  But the vertical tail on the new-
generation 737s is rather distinctive, with the leading edge starting
at a shallow angle then changing to a much steeper (closer to vertical)

>7. A320s are often seen on the side of mountains.

Come, now, that was only at Strasbourg, unless you count the small
hill at Bangalore as a mountain.  They also can be found in forests
(Habsheim) and draped over embankments at the end of runways (Warsaw).
Reminds me of a grisly rendition of Where's Waldo.  :-)

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