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Date:         11 Nov 93 02:12:45 PST
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In article <airliners.1993.723@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Fred Christiansen) writes:
>in identifying different models (btw, what's the visual diff between a small
>Airbus and a big 737?).

By "small Airbus" I take it you mean an A320/A319,
and "big 737" the 300/400 models. (Small 737s have
stovepipes for engines and can't possibly be
confused for anything else.)

1. A320s have little arrowhead shaped fences on
the ends of the wings.

2. 737 engines are distinctly flat on the bottom,
(looking from in front I mean) due to their short
landing gear, while A320s' appear circular.

3. With gear down, the difference in gear length
scaled against other visible things (length of
wings, diameter of engines) is quite noticeable.

4. A320 wheels are covered with doors when
retracted; on the 737 they just fit into wells in
the bottom of the fuselage and can be see from

5. the 737 tail is shaped like a 747's (or an
A300's) with the roof of the fuselage remaining
horizontal but the bottom sloping up, whereas
the A320 tailcone is pointy like a 767 or 757.

6. 737s look frumpy, sort of an airborne Fergie.

7. A320s are often seen on the side of mountains.

(:-) for 6 and 7, in case you needed to ask.)


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