Airbus Airplanes

From:         David Lednicer <>
Date:         10 Nov 93 00:02:53 PST
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	In a recent posting, someone asked about airplanes that Airbus has
on the burner.  The respondent forgot to mention the Guppy replacement
that Airbus is building for its own use.  The aircraft will be based upon
the A300-600, with a grossly enlarged upper lobe for carrying sub
assemblies between the production sites in Europe.  The cockpit will be
from an A320(?), slung down slightly beneath the rest of the cockpit, to
allow large clamshell doors above it, for straight in loading of the upper
lobe.  I understand that four will be built and that the first one is in
assembly right now.
	These aircraft will replace the Guppies, which are modified Boeing
367/377s (some components are from Stratocruisers and some from KC-97s). 
The engines of the Guppies are Allison 501s removed from P-3 Orions.  As
we say around Seattle - every Airbus first takes flight on a Boeing!

				-Dave Lednicer
				 Analytical Methods, Inc.