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Date:         10 Nov 93 00:02:52 PST
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>The first time a twin goes down where a 3- or 4-engine plane would have
>survived, the sheep will vote with their feet. In the meantime, protect
>yourself as you feel necessary.

The evidence does not support your argument.  Only after two crashes
and a *very* visible grounding for over a month did the public really
wonder much about the DC-10, and even after that the flying public
largely returned to flying the DC-10 without question.

Some aircraft really have suffered fatal blows due to crashes, e.g.
Lockheed's L-188 Electra, but in nearly every case these were early in
the development the aircraft.  With nearly a decade of ETOPS service
already by hundreds, if not thousands, of large twins, the first ETOPS
crash probably won't make that big a splash (sorry, I could't resist!)
with the public.

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