Re: 2 engines vs 4 engines planes

From: (Jason Zions)
Organization: HaL Computer Systems
Date:         10 Nov 93 00:02:51 PST
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In article <airliners.1993.706@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Pete Coe) writes:

   Good.  But by the time it does happen it will be too late to turn back.  
   The airlines and manufacturers are now a huge political lobby.  When the 
   first ETOPS plane ends up in the water 100's miles from the nearest land do 
   you think ETOPS will be banned?  Of course not!  But if we said now that all
   long over water flights must be flown with 3 or more engines we might save a
   few hundred people.

The first time an ETOPS goes down hundreds of miles from land, tens of
thousands of passengers will call their airlines, find out if the equipement
for their flight is a twin, and change their plans/airlines if it is. The
problem will be self-correcting if/when it occurs. Until then, people will
resent being told by the government that their airplane tickets will cost
more than today because the airlines are forces to use more costly equipment
on those flights.

   It is up to us as customers to vote with our feet, but as most people
   neither know nor care how many engines their plane has I know that the
   trend will continue.

The first time a twin goes down where a 3- or 4-engine plane would have
survived, the sheep will vote with their feet. In the meantime, protect
yourself as you feel necessary.