Ultimate passenger megajet

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Date:         10 Nov 93 00:02:50 PST
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     What is the greatest passenger load that can be realized for an airliner?
In K. Eric Drexler's book, "Unbounding the Future", he states that it may be
possible to make materials with a strength-to-density ratio of about 30 to 300
times that of steel (depending on the grade of steel) or more than ten times
better than materials used today.  I'm not sure that the empty operating
capacity of airliners could be reduced by a factor of ten due to necessary
equipment.  If liquid hydrogen could be used as a fuel then it need not take up
more than 20% of take-off weight for even long range craft.  It seems to me
that large (high cargo capacity) airliners are possible (three decks).  Has any
aeronautical engineer devised a "dream airliner"?