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Date:         10 Nov 93 00:02:47 PST
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In article <airliners.1993.685@ohare.Chicago.COM> ditka!sgiblab!uunet.UU.NET!gorca!jnhall (Joseph N. Hall) writes:
>In article <airliners.1993.660@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Jay Vassos-Libove) writes:
>>	CHICAGO (UPI) - A United Airlines jetliner stopped traffic and drew
>>throngs of onlookers Wednesday as it was towed across Lake Shore Drive
>>to join a World War II submarine as a trademark exhibit at the Museum of
>>Science and Industry. [...]
>The Franklin Institute here in Philadelphia used to have (I think it was)
>a 707.  One of the most interesting parts of the exhibit was the
>description, somewhat like this one, of its journey through the city
>to the museum's downtown location.

All of which reminds me.... here in Everett, Washington, where the Boeing
assembly plant for 747, 767, and soon 777's is located, the construction
hangars are on the north side of highway 526, the road that brings workers
in from Interstate 5. The paint booths are on the south side of 526, and
when I first moved here (back in 1983), I was occasionally treated to the
spectacle of a brand new 747 being towed across the bridge to get its paint
job. Well, the bridge is not that much wider than the landing gear, so the
wings hang waaaaaaaaaaay out over highway - a sure traffic stopper, anytime.

Apparently, Boeing policy for years had been to tow the plane to the paint
booth immediately upon completion of Final Test, but around 1987 the Everett
Police requested them to stop the practice and they complied. Now the only
time you can see this wondrous site is 3:00 in the morning or something...
too bad.

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