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>A China Airlines jumbo [normally refers to a Boeing 747, it seems to
>have an extended upper deck], on a flight from Taipei *overshot the
>runway* at Hong Kong as it cam into land and plunged into the harbour.

It was a 747-400, only four months old, operating CI 605 from Taipei
with 296 passengers and crew.  The aircraft came in during a heavy
rainstorm associated with Tropical Storm Ira.  From the reports I've
seen it's not clear if the plane touched down late or skidded on the
wet runway or both, but it stopped just past the end of the runway so
it obviously didn't miss by too wide a mark.

>If there is any word of the extraction of this plane from said
>harbour, I would be interested to hear about it...

The local bomb sqaud used explosives to blow off the tail on Sunday
morning as it was obstructing traffic.  Despite early reports that the
aircraft suffered only minimal damage, which would be consistent with
the minimal incursion into the water, the insurance company apparently
wrote it off as a total loss.  Seems odd for a brand new aircraft.

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