China Airlines Jumbo

From: (Dickey Bradley F)
Organization: Bryn Mawr College
Date:         10 Nov 93 00:02:45 PST
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_The Economist_ Nov 6th - 12th, (p6 "The world this week");

A China Airlines jumbo [normally refers to a Boeing 747, it seems to
have an extended upper deck], on a flight from Taipei *overshot the
runway* at Hong Kong as it cam into land and plunged into the harbour.
Remarkably, all 300-or-so passengers were rescued.

Anyone know of the circumstances?  How long will a 747 float if it
stays in one peice?  Indeed, how likely is it to stay in one peice 
if one was made to force land on water only?

If there is any word of the extraction of this plane from said
harbour, I would be interested to hear about it...