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>One stat I seem to recall reading at one point was that the passenger aircraft
>model with the greatest number of units sold was the 727, and that it had
>surpassed the DC-3 volume (I wonder if this included C-47 units?) along
>the way.

According to one reference I have, 417 DC-3s were produced up to the
entry of the U.S. into World War II.  After Pearl Harbor, 194 of these
were pressed into military service and another 10,238 were produced as
the C-47 Dakota.  I'm not sure how many, if any, were produced after
the way, as thousands of surplus C-47s were converted to civil use.

In contrast, the 727 line stopped after a "measly" 1832 aircraft were
produced.  The last aircraft first took to the air on October 28, 1984.

>I understand that the 727 is no longer manufactured.  Since the
>737 is similarly ubiquitous and still in production (?), I'm curious if its
>unit volume has passed the 727's.

The 737 is still in production and is now well past the 727's mark.

>for that matter, what has been the
>volume of some top-selling or other famous aircraft?

Here are the top-ranked Western jetliners:

    Boeing 737		2500+ (#2500 delivered to Southwest 7/13/93)
    Douglas DC-9/MD-80	2065+ (#2065 delivered to USAir 7/1/93)
    Boeing 727		1832
    Boeing 747		1000+ (#1000 rolled out 9/10/93, for Singapore)
    Boeing 707/720	1010  (see notes below)

The 707 count needs a bit of explanation.  The last 707 airframe was
actually line number 1012, but this double-counts two AWACS test
aircraft which were rebuilt as E-3As, complete with new line numbers.
On the other hand, the 367-80 is not included in the count.

No others have hit the 1000 mark.  Other notables include the Airbus
A300/A310 (nearing 700), Boeing 757 (nearing 600), McDonnell Douglas
DC-10/MD-11 (about 550), and Boeing 767 (just past 500).

>I'm reckoning Karl or someone might have these bits of trivia.

Who, me?  :-)

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