trivia Q -- # of units of top-selling aircraft

From: (Fred Christiansen)
Date:         10 Nov 93 00:02:42 PST
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The first plane I ever flew on was an Indian Airlines DC-3 from somewhere
(I forget where) in southern India to Colombo, Ceylon (as it was called then).
Probably around 1959.  The return flight was marked by a chance to eat my
very first apple which, shortly thereafter, in turbulence, I vomited onto
the flight attendant's sari (sigh).

To ease my trepidation about air travel, my Dad used to take me to airports
regularly.  In Madras, I remember seeing a Constellation belching fire from
the starter's ignition.  Anyway, the airport visits helped a little kiddo
stop being nervous of airplanes and I have since taken a modest interest
in identifying different models (btw, what's the visual diff between a small
Airbus and a big 737?).

One stat I seem to recall reading at one point was that the passenger aircraft
model with the greatest number of units sold was the 727, and that it had
surpassed the DC-3 volume (I wonder if this included C-47 units?) along
the way.  I understand that the 727 is no longer manufactured.  Since the
737 is similarly ubiquitous and still in production (?), I'm curious if its
unit volume has passed the 727's.  And, for that matter, what has been the
volume of some top-selling or other famous aircraft?

In the fall of '72, I was starting a year of study in France.  My French
reading skills weren't too hot, so I may have the details wrong, but my
recall is that the King of Morocco's 727 was shot at by rebel air force
pilots.  The 727 took some wild evasive maneuvers and landed safely at an air
strip out in the deserts, the hull and wings having many noticeable shell
holes.  Anyone have more specifics?  Anyone other passenger aircraft with
similar stories of "derring-do?"

I'm reckoning Karl or someone might have these bits of trivia.
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