777 Doors

From:         David Lesher <wb8foz@mthvax.cs.miami.edu>
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Date:         10 Nov 93 00:02:40 PST
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{I asked about 777 doors}

|All Boeing passenger doors, to include overwing escape hatches and
|upper deck canopy doors, are plug doors.  The 777 door is unique in
|its translating mechanism only.

Ok, I'm ripe for the picking, having displayed my ignorance.  How
_does_ the translating mechanism work, not just on 777's, but also
on other iron?

ISTM that given that fact that you:
	1) want to door to pass out through the frame.
	2) If it's a plug, that's exactly what a plug is
	   designed not to do ;-}
it needs some added magic.

I always thought that the door swung IN slightly, cocked at an angle
(i.e pivoted around a vertical axis) then passed out through the frame,
and swung out of the way.

But several things come to mind, now that I ponder it. Won't the door
also need to pivot around a horizontal axis too?  You must both clear
the edges of the frame (hence the vert axis pivot) but also the top &
bottom. Plus, when they pictured the icing test, didn't the door move

The more I think about this, the clearer it becomes why the L-1011 had
the (alas, trouble-plagued) scheme of coming in then sliding up.

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