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Date:         17 Jan 93 17:58:00 PST
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The latest issue of Airliners Monthly News contains the following on
the 777:

    United is reported as having been the instigator for a 777 'A+'
    which will be able to fly nonstop from Chicago to London or
    Buenos Aires.  According to local Seattle newspapers, United had
    threatened Boeing that it would reduceits order for 777s from 11
    to five if the version was not developed.

I found this rather surprising on a number of counts.  First, United
ordered 34 777s, with 34 more on option.  These were all domestic
(A-market) versions, though with MGTOW upgraded slightly to 525,000
lbs. in order to give them the range to fly a full load to Hawaii
from Chicago.  What is this about an order for 11?

Also, where did this international stuff come from?  United planned
to use the 777 to replace the DC-10 on *domestic* routes, with the
747-400 and 767 (both -200 and -300) used for long international
routes.  This is the first reference I've seen to any desire to use
them for long international work, though they would certainly be a
logical replacement for United's aging fleet of 18 747-100s.  Was
there a second order that I missed?

Finally, could someone elaborate on the current details of the A vs.
B vs. C market offerings?  I assume higher thrust engines, heavier
MGTOW, and of course ETOPS ratings are the main points, most all of
which is driven by engine improvements.

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