first service of United's A320s

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Date:         06 Nov 93 00:24:40 PST
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Earlier today, United released an article on their internal news
system regarding their new A320s.  Airbus will deliver the first
two by November 30th.  First service will be December 15th, and
the fleet will be up to five aircraft by December 30th.

The initial service on the 15th will be the 815a and 915a departures
from Chicago O'Hare to Washington National (ORD-DCA), flights 604 and
606, respectively.  Later in the day they will operate the 200p and
300p flights from Chicago to La Guardia (ORD-LGA), flights 76 and 78, 
respectively.  Obviously they'll also be operating DCA-ORD and LGA-ORD
flights as well, but I don't have times or flight numbers for those.

The current timetable shows flights 604 and 76 operating with Boeing
727s, while 606 and 78 use Boeing 737s.

United's A320s will have 12 seats in F class and 132 in Y class, three
seats shy of the 12+135 configuration of United's U.S. 727-200s.  They
will have four flight attendants (and of course two pilots).

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