Re: EMP and commercial airliners

From: (Terrell D. Drinkard)
Organization: Boeing Computer Services
Date:         06 Nov 93 00:24:28 PST
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Barrey Jewall <barrey@Novell.COM> wrote:
>In <airliners.1993.702@ohare.Chicago.COM> 
>(James R Ebright) writes:
>>How resistant are commercial airliners, especially the newer fly-by-wire
>>airframes, to failure due to EMP?
>The short answer: They aren't.
>1. Weight - Shielding is heavy!
>2. Cost

I read a piece (in Aerospace?) about an A330 that was hit by lightning
during a test flight.  Knocked out all the flight test instrumentation, but
the flight control computers and related systems were untouched.  Quite a
vindication for their design.

I'm not aware of any requirement to design commercial heavy transports for
EMP.  Not many commerical flights planned after the emotionally unbalanced
sorts start tossing nukes around.  We do, however, design for more
reasonable criteria, such as flying past a high-power transmitter, or
getting struck by lightning.

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