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John Dill <ak336@cleveland.Freenet.Edu> writes:
> About 1976, when I visited O'hare tower, I saw a very shabby and
>bedraggled Comet parked near the tower! 
> Does anyone know what happened to that plane?

This same question came up in rec.aviation early last year.  Following
are some excerpts from an article I posted then.  I'm not certain but
I believe it's still there, partly disassembled -- last I heard they
were having some problems funding the effort.

(following from rec.aviation article posted March 25, 1992)

Last year, Chuck Downey of the O'Hare Rotary Club invited Chicago's
Public Broadcasting System (PBS) TV station, WTTW, to do a program
about this plane.  The result was a very well researched half-hour
show entitled The First Jetliner.  I dug out my tape of this program
to dredge up some answers for you.

Mexicana purchased two Comet 4Cs, possibly new.  One of these is now
resplendent in BOAC colors and is used for aviation tech training at
a Seattle-area community college, ironically just a few miles from
where the 707 prototype will end up.

The other Mexicana Comet 4C, built c. 1964 and registered as XA-NAS,
was flown to O'Hare in 1976 pending a sale to a nudist colony.  The
sale fell through and apparently the plane was abandoned.  Around 1988
the O'Hare Rotary Club decided that the old bird deserved a better end
than decaying into the O'Hare tarmac and volunteered to disassemble it
and ship it to the Smithsonian.

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