From: (Terrell D. Drinkard)
Organization: Boeing Commerical Airplane Group
Date:         03 Nov 93 23:30:19 PST
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Tobias Henry Lutterodt  <luterodt@phoenix.Princeton.EDU> wrote:
>Does anyone know whether the routes from the mainland to the
>Caribbean and Bermuda require ETOPS.  Are the aircraft ever
>more than 60 minutes from land?  

These routes are considered overwater, but not ETOPS.
That is, they must comply with the regulations covering overwater
operation, but not with ETOPS regulations.

>I was in SJU last week and noticed that Delta flew its 757s 
>and 767's on flights to ATL and MCO (and, from their timetable,
>to Bermuda as well), USAir flew only 727's which do not require
>special certification.  Is USAir keeping its 727's just to 
>have a 3-holer to fly these routes or could they substitute
>another aircraft instead?

No, I think there are 737s that run that route.  Karl could look in his OAG
and tell us.  USAir is probably running 727s because they have them, these
airplanes have the range, and are overwater equiped.

>Any comments about the A300?  I liked the aircraft a lot...very
>smooth and stable.  The fact that the aisles were sloped 
>slightly in the rear and that they weren't straight didn't 
>bother me at all, contrary to what Boeing's publicity would
>have you believe.

I rather liked the A300 I flew on.  It is a good airplane.

"Anyone who thinks they can hold the company responsible for what I say has
more lawyers than sense."