Tire burn-out during landings

From:         Stephen L Nicoud <stephen@boeing.com>
Date:         05 Jan 93 00:24:10 PST
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   From: drchambe@tekig5.pen.tek.com (Dennis Chamberlin)
   Date: 29 Dec 92 12:39:16 PST

   I recall an old issue of AWST that described the certification flight test
   program for the first 747. The flight test budget included a 3 million $
   line item for "Wheels, tires, and brakes".

   At least one of these tests was known to be destructive. The worst-case
   demonstration of a takeoff abort would seem to thoroughly cook all of the 
   tires and brakes. I don't know if any of the wheels were savable.

I don't know about FAA certification, but I have some flight test
footage of a fully-loaded E-4 landing (or was it takeoff abort?)
during Air Force testing (prior to delivery, I believe) where the
tires and gear caught fire.  Some of the tires exploded.  As I recall
(it's been a few years since I viewed the tape) at one point it
appears that some shrapnel actually punches through the wing.

I seem to recall that the crew made hasty exits by jumping from the
main cabin door.

The rescue trucks are also shown successfully (apparently) putting out
the fires, although it took them at least a minute to reach the plane.

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