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Tobias Henry Lutterodt <luterodt@phoenix.Princeton.EDU> writes:
>No one has mentioned that United changed their livery slightly in 
>about 1988, making titles and stripes larger.

Some has -- I did, in my first article on the subject.

>This new livery looks too much like British Airways' and Canadian's
>for my tastes.

I was at SFO Friday night and happened to ask a couple of United folks
about the new scheme.  One of them noted that you could go over to the
international terminal and look at a Canadian jet to see what it looks
like.  They said it was quite dark, and made the same comment about it
looking like a military aircraft that someone noted here.

Anyway, if anyone is desparate to continue the asethetic discussion
let's either take it into e-mail or propose a
subgroup.  ;-)

>BTW, if this livery change is like others which have occured
>recently, it will take a few years.

The United folks at SFO said that to their knowledge only one aircraft
had been painted in the new scheme to date, a 747.  Most likely this
was a new 747-422, perhaps N188UA which was due in December.  Do any
of the Boeing folks know for sure?

They also mentioned that there would be no rush to repaint aircraft
into the new scheme, though with United receiving a steady stream of
737-522s, 747-422s, 757-222s, and 767-322(ER)s, with A320-231s due to
start arriving late this year, the new scheme will probably show up
quite rapidly.  There've been some times lates when United has taken
delivery a new Boeing every day of the week!  Along with this, there
are an increasing number of retirements which should quicken the
thinning of the ranks of the older scheme -- few if any 727-22s are
left, the 737-222s started going a few months ago, and they've just
started unloading the 727-222s (though not the -222 Advanced models).
Several reports have indicated that the ten 747SP-21s may be retired
as a group very soon, too.

>United is returning its original batch of -222s to Boeing as 777s are

Where did you hear that?  I've seen no mention of it, and given that
the oldest will be only 13 years old it seems a bit surprising.  And
the 777 is replacing the DC-10 more than the 767.

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