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>Does anyone know whether the routes from the mainland to the
>Caribbean and Bermuda require ETOPS.

United flies to San Juan, Puerto Rico (from Miami), and used to fly to
Bermuda (from Washington, DC), both with 737s.  Since none of United's
737s are ETOPS these must not be ETOPS routes.

As a rough guesstimate, just look at the block (scheduled) time.  In
both of these cases it's about two hours, or about 60 minutes at
midpoint from either airport, which does not require ETOPS.  This
ignores lots of factors, e.g. alternate airports en route, reduced
speed on one engine (not true for 757/767 but maybe for others), and
the fact that some of the time in the schedule -- often much of it --
is screwing around on the ground.  Still, it'll give you some idea of
whether or not a given route might require ETOPS.

>I was in SJU last week and noticed that Delta flew its 757s 
>and 767's on flights to ATL and MCO

While Delta does have ETOPS 767s, none of their 757s are ETOPS rated.

>Is USAir keeping its 727's just to have a 3-holer to fly these routes
>or could they substitute another aircraft instead?

It would be far too expensive to maintain a special type just for a
few routes unless it was a *very* profitable route.  USAir still has
a fair number of 727s and uses them on a variety of routes.

>Any comments about the A300?  I liked the aircraft a lot...very
>smooth and stable.  The fact that the aisles were sloped 
>slightly in the rear and that they weren't straight didn't 
>bother me at all, contrary to what Boeing's publicity would
>have you believe.

I've never neard Boeing's publicity on the matter, but I've always
thought the way the rear worked looked a bit peculiar.  The one time
that I flew on an A300 it seemed like a decent enough aircraft,
however.  Some of the details did seem a little odd, undoubtedly
because I'm used to Boeing and McDonnell Douglas products and not
anything inherently odd about the A300.

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