Double asymmetrics [was Re: 2 engines vs 4 engines planes]

From: (Jordan K. Hubbard)
Organization: Lotus Development Ireland
Date:         01 Nov 93 14:05:04 PST
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>>Is it possible to fly a B-747 when 2 of the 4 engines failed? Was it even 
>>possible when both engines on one wing woudn't work anymore?
>Yes.  (I just happen to have a 747 configurator right beside me.)

I assume this is given a failure at cruise speed?  The Schipol cargo
flight that suffered a double asymmetric ended up imbeded into a
high-rise, despite the fact that its Israeli crew apparently did
everything correctly (by the book, anyway).  I remember the Boing rep
on the scene saying that this kind of failure was very very rare, but
once suffered almost impossible to recover from.  How would you
reconcile these two apparently different statements?

(Jordan K. Hubbard),,

I do not speak for Lotus, nor am I even a Lotus employee.  I am an independent