United Livery

From:         Tobias Henry Lutterodt <luterodt@phoenix.Princeton.EDU>
Date:         17 Jan 93 17:57:58 PST
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No one has mentioned that United changed their livery slightly in 
about 1988, making titles and stripes larger.  I thought that
was a definite change for the better.  This new livery looks 
too much like British Airways' and Canadian's for my tastes.

BTW, if this livery change is like others which have occured
recently, it will take a few years.  USAir and Continental are
changing colors only as aircraft come in for major maintenance
and I've seen a USAir 737 in old colors as recently as three
months ago. 

IMO, the TriStar, 757, and MD-80 (and perhaps the A330) are the
best looking commercial jets, especially in flight.  Eastern's
grey TriStars were magnificent and I have a special place in my
heart for Lufthansa's old colors, too.

Speaking of liveries, the trend nowadays seems to be for 
interesting tail designs and white fuselages.  What a waste!

Any ideas as to why Lufthansa paints its aircrafts' wings white?

Karl...Boeing's 777 FBW test aircraft was N35153, leased from 
AWAS in 1991.  Only the co-pilot's seat was re-rigged and the 
aircraft was all-silver.  By now, it should have been delivered
to Ansett.  China Airlines sold its two 767-209s which now operate
in New Zealand.  United is returning its original batch of -222s 
to Boeing as 777s are delivered.  Apart from these and the 
TWA aircraft, the aircraft are with their original operators.

Anyone at Douglas read this???  Will the workers actually try to 
take over as a recent AvWeek suggested?  Are you delivering many
white-tails?  The MD-80 orderbook is pretty slim right now and the 
MD-90 is at least a year away....  

Toby (the Commercial Aviation nut)