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From:         h andrew chuang <>
Date:         30 Oct 93 22:46:36 PDT
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In article <airliners.1993.662@ohare.Chicago.COM> kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) wrote:

>    A330
>	Same fuselage cross-section as the A300/A310 but an entirely
>	new aircraft, significantly longer and heavier than even the
>	A300-600 with trans-Pacific range, at least in later versions.
>	Shares cockpit and has common crew rating with A320 family.
>	Main competitors are Boeing's 777 and McDonnell Douglas' MD-11.
>	Due to enter service within the next few months.

Trans-Pacific?  Not quite, unless one considers West Coast-Hawaii is
Trans-Pacific.  All the number that I can find shows both the A330-300
and the proposed A330-400X have a range of approximately 4000 nm.
(Los Angeles-Tokyo is approximately 5500 nm.)

On the subject of the A330 competing with the B777: I agree with Karl that
they are very similar on paper, especially the A-Market B777.  However,
Thai Airways International and Cathay Pacific Airways of Hong Kong ordered
both the A330 (Thai ordered 14, CPA ordered 10) and the B777 (8,11).
Moreover, IMHO, B777 is really designed to be stretched to replace the
B747-100/200's.  The A330 simply does not have the wing to grow to that
size, and none of the bigger engines (GE90/PW4x8x/Trent 800) will have
enough ground clearance if they are to be hung on the A330 wings.

(BTW, in a previous posting on engines, I believe that Karl used an 
 incorrect Aviation Week data.  The diameter of the GE90 is 123" not
 158".  With a 158"-diameter, the GE90 would be the best vacuum
 cleaner for airport runways.:-)