Re: A320 braking methods

From:         Werner Uhrig <>
Date:         22 Oct 93 01:05:24 PDT
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	another one of Robert's excellent articles.  Hard to get anything
	like that for money even, I bet.  Someone with the right connections
	ought to get Robert some free-lance work writing (pretty soon
	someone would probably offer him "real money"... ;-)

> Wheel brakes are how the airplane is stopped.  Many people think the
> thrust reversers play a large role: it's marginal, not affecting roll-out 
> distance by more than 10-20%.

	Robert, is that a quote or your opinion?  The reason I ask is
	that this is the second time, I think, that I read this, and
	the earlier time already I had wondered to myself:

	how many accidents that had planes overrun the runway, could
	have been avoided with an additional "10 to 20" of ...
	(you know what I mean: breaking power, runway, whatever..)

	and how many "landings without incident" would have overrun the
	runway if the pilot did not have the 20% benefit of the reverse
	thrust, I wonder.

	my point is that I see no good reason to describe it as "marginal"
	and wonder if it is a good idea to do so (no criticism intende
	but rather plain puzzled)